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ARIS is a managed fund investing in established blockchain-based projects with active beta components. ARIS Index is a well diversified vehicle keeping a finger on the pulse of the blockchain economy. The focus of the investment selection is 90% on Blue Chip assets, large cap assets (market cap > 200MM) and middle cap assets( market cap > 20MM) and 10% on nascent projects with potential strategic importance in the future distributed economy.

We are measuring risk in volatility terms by choosing the most mature assets and looking for a low correlation coefficient among our portfolio’s crypto-assets. ARIS CAPITAL is an investment management company focusing only on blockchain-based assets. We follow traditional investment management techniques and processes and a deeply technical knowledge by applying them to the management of pure blockchain-based assets.

There is no maximum number of included assets in the index; they are added based on fundamental analysis and potential strategic importance in the future distributed economy. Regular rebalancing is done monthly, and additional rebalancing is triggered if an individual asset surpasses 30% weight.


Cryptocurrencies are a unique asset class, to analyze the best options an investor is required to combine the skills of a venture capitalist (VC) and a hedge fund. As a VC, you must evaluate the equipment, the technology, the size of the market, the competitive dynamics and the risks of each asset. However, unlike VC, cryptographic assets become liquid much earlier; the markets are extremely volatile and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; this implies a permanent follow-up of the information related to each asset included in the portfolio. Investment must be actively managed but driven by medium and long-term thinking.

The crypto market is still in its very early stages. No one knows which cryptocurrency or utility token will be at the top of it’s niche in five years time. Providing for a single cryptocurrency or a reduced set is even more risky. The administration of multiple currencies also implies the use of multiple virtual wallets, keys and security measures that are complex to administer, putting the investment at risk.

ARIS is not a fund managed solely by robots, there is an active management, rational studies, technology research, correlation between currencies and market information and developers, to find the trend and opportunities.


In order to manage and track the investment, we have developed an exclusive application for investors. In the application, the ARIS index could be tracked in real time, visualize the initial and current balance, and interact with the FUND to request the exit or increase of capital invested.



The inclusion of new investors is only done by personal interview or via recommendation of current investors, there is no online subscription. The subscription model is simple and the investor pays an annual administration fee on the initial investment or renewed capital, and a success fee on departure depending on the level of profit. The investor can leave at any time without additional exit costs to the success fee.




At ARIS Blockchain Venture Management (BVM) we look for the best ideas within the Blockchain ecosystem, analyze them, strengthen them and underpin the development looking to turn them into successful companies of global scale.

ARIS BVM is formed by a group of Blockchain technology experts that through active management, rational studies, technology research and market information seek to find the best business opportunities and transform them into successful realities.

We look for innovative projects in their initial stage, on which to apply our skills and experience; and in which to invest and/or get the first rounds of investment.

We want to be the ideal partners or co-founders of the most innovative entrepreneurs!

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